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Our Core Values 

Jesus - The indwelling, transforming life of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
We find our identity in Jesus Christ and Jesus alone who is our hope, our life, our fuel, our first love, our strength, our identity. 

This means we are prayerfully dependent on Jesus for everything and seek to see his presence in our lives, through his Spirit in an ever increasingly holy and abundant way.



Bible - The living, inspired Word of God. 

It is through the living Word that we encounter the glorious Living God.

This means what we teach as a church, how we conduct our lives and ministries will always be founded and guided by the authority of the Bible. 



Belonging - we are a united community 

We are a community with a difference - we are all one in Jesus Christ (Romans 12:5)

This means we cherish and strive for unity between believers whilst celebrating diverse evangelical backgrounds and proactively cultivating the gospel of forgiveness, reconciliation and joy as a community at Bethany City Church.  



The great commission - to share the good news of Jesus Christ, is an imperative, a command. 

This means we are passionate about loving our neighbours, preaching the gospel in all our ministries and empowering and sending all followers of Jesus to proclaim the gospel. 



Our Specific Values (what makes us us)


We believe that Christ has given each member of the church spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12:12) which He intends to be used to strengthen and build the church. We encourage everyone to recognise, develop and use their God given gifting in the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom. 

In order for us to fulfil our vision and mission as a church, we believe that every member should not only be encouraged to discover his/her gifts and abilities but, also use them in His service. 




We want to see the Church grow both here at Bethany City Church and further afield. We want to see growth both spiritually and numerically and we are conscious that the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33) extends beyond any one church, city or denomination. We are therefore passionate as Christ followers to prayerfully, deliberately and proactively disciple, commission and send our own members out locally and globally to continue to share the life transforming presence of Jesus Christ. 



We are so inspired by the goodness of God that the only fitting response to all He has done is to live generously. The more we receive, the more we have to give so we therefore live generously by being faithful in our giving, selfless in our serving and cheerful in our attitude

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