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Girls Relaxing on Soccer Field

Sunday Night Football


Here at Bethany City Church, we love to share the gospel in any way we can. 


As part of our sports ministry, we have a weekly football game on a Sunday evening at Goals, Sunderland. 


We play from 8-9pm and it’s £5 per player. 


Football, at many levels, has a reputation for not being the most friendly or welcoming environment to be part of.  Our Sunday night group believe in our game being in line with Our Christian values. We, therefore, insist on a number of core values being adhered to:


Everyone is welcomed and respected regardless of ability or background.


No bad language will be tolerated.


Honesty and integrity is maintained throughout to ensure an enjoyable, competitive game for everyone. 


And as God commands us, we always close our night in prayer.


If you’d be interested in joining us contact the office on


0191 5654000

Kick Academy




KICK are a national charity whose aim is to transform young people’s lives, with God’s love, through sport and support. They do this through values-driven physical education, street dance, mentoring, chaplaincy in schools and community KICK Academies.


There is a growing concern that young people in their droves have stopped coming to church.  Research suggests that 85% of young people in the UK never step foot inside a church these days. This is a problem that we want to counter, and we believe that working together we can turn this around!




KICK values are key to the way each staff member and volunteer works and are at the core of who we are as a team.  We aim to transform the workings in people’s lives by staying true to these values:


  • Aspirational on behalf of our young people, being ambitious for their progress and in our desire to reach more young people

  • Compassionate towards our young people, showing humbleness, being inclusive and making our approach flexible to suit their needs

  • Excellent in our performance, innovating with continuous improvement in order to see best outcomes for our young people

  • Intentional in our interactions with young people, schools, churches, partners, funders and one another to look to build a family together at KICK

  • Integral in our decision making, in our relationships with each other and in our partnerships


KICK Academy @ BCC


Here at Bethany City Church, we have decided to embrace the KICK Academy model which provides our church with all the tools and resources to deliver high quality football coaching.  Every KICK Academy session follows the same basic structure:


Warm Up

Skill Based Exercise

Sports’ Ministry



Each session is themed to include skills based exercises linked to the gospel theme for that day. For example, the theme may have been ‘focus’ – so they focus on their passing, heading and shooting. Then in the sports’ ministry slot the young people are taught about an inspirational story about the theme from the bible – where Peter focused his eyes on Jesus and got out of the boat to meet Him in faith. This is a seamless switch and one which engages the young people through the tool of sport.  


The ethos of KICK means that each and every KICK Academy is available to all young people, irrespective of ability or background.

Find out more about KICK 


if you want to know more about getting involved with Kick or would like to sign up to the academy this September, please email

Playing Soccer
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