May 25th - Psalms 96-100

Today's devotional is penned by Daniel Alcock.

Read Psalms 96-100

Our daily reading contained many Psalms of praise and thanksgiving to God. I'd like to spend a little time in Psalm 98:1-3.

This declaration of the joy that comes from knowing the salvation of God can quickly spring our minds to what we see Jesus accomplished through His life, death and resurrection as recorded in the Gospels. However, that can't be what the Psalmist has in mind. As you know, the Psalms help form part of the Old Testament and therefore is before Jesus' public ministry.

God has long been in the business of saving people from their sin. Not only does God make a way but He makes it known (v2). He wants to be found. Finding God is not an Indiana Jones styled quest with pitfalls, snares and cryptic clues. Not then, not now. Back then He made Himself known through the state of Israel. God had taken a small group of refugee Jews and guided them towards their own land and bounty. The other nations knew about God's people through this act. There remained an invitation for people to join the people of God and live life His way. That invitation is still here for us.

The reason God offers us salvation is described in verse 1. God created everything and sustains everything for His own glory. As the New Testament records, 'He is before all things and in Him, they hold together' (Colossians 1:17). We can join in the praise of God.

God's character is good and worth celebrating. We benefit from His love (v3) and faithfulness (v3) today. What a create worldview Christianity is: The God who created all things, including us, is mindful of us, wants to be with us, and fulfilled all the requirements, at great cost to Himself, to make it possible. Happy days.

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