June 7th - 1 Chronicles 10-12

This devotional is penned by Youseff

1 Chronicles 10-12

One of the highlights of today’s reading is the start of David’s reign as king of Israel (11:1-3). It took about 20 years for David to become the king after being anointed for this position by Samuel in his youth. However, despite God’s promise, the events that took place in David’s life during this time were so out of keeping with his future role as a king. He lived on the run for many years trying to escape Saul’s insecurity-fuelled attempts to kill him. He even once had to pretend to be crazy to save his life! (1 Sam 21:13).

You can get a feeling of how difficult these years must have been for David when you read the psalms written during this period. In these psalms he desperately cried to God because of the injustice inflicted upon him, admitting that “he was weary from distress” (Ps 57:6).

As Christians, we all know that we have promises from God, either general promises given to all God’s followers or specific ones that God spoke over our lives. These promises can sometimes seem unrealistic considering what is happening in our life. Our current spiritual and emotional status might look so distant from the glorious things we were promised by the Lord.

In these times we need to remember that “all things work together for good to them that love God”. God might be using the difficult circumstances to build our faith and shape our personality, and one day when God fulfils his promises everything will start to make sense.

If we take a deeper look on the psalms written by David when he was escaping the unjust judgement of Saul, we will realise that this was the time when learned “to be confident in God” (Ps 57:7) and that the Lord is “his strength and fortress” (Ps 59:9) “his refuge and place of safety” (Ps 59:16). These are the lessons which changed David’s character forever making him a king according to God’s heart.

This understanding should help us to change our perspective of difficult life events and hard circumstances, as we start seeing them as “precious chances for transformation” rather than “hindrance of our progress in life”.

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