June 12th - Psalm 73

This devotional is penned by Barry.

Psalm 73

I allowed myself to be deceived.

Last Sunday we were walking down a grassy path to the woods.

It looked safe enough. Then mid-sentence my right foot gave way and my left knee buckled but praise God my friend held me up and I didn’t actually fall. It didn’t look muddy but it was.

Asaph, like Forrest Gump, begins at the end.

“Truly God is good to Israel to those who are pure in heart”

Let him recount to us what happened.

He had a jolt…a near miss…even a wake-up call.

“…my feet had almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold.”

Asaph had been getting himself all worked up. He was frustrated, angry, confused and a lot more negative emotions besides.


Because it just wasn’t fair !!!

Here he was, doing his best to please God and it was tough. He wanted to live a godly life (13) yet what was the point? No-one else (so it seemed) cared about God. Why do the wicked prosper? (3). They are care-free, getting rich…having a whale of a time and that at the expense of others, mocking God to boot (11,12). It really got to him. Why are they allowed to get away with it? All it did was to give him a bad head and a heavy heart (16)

The path he was taking looked safe, his legs were giving way, he was about to fall…but he didn’t.

He ‘woke’ up…just like a driver dozing off at the wheel who wakes with a jerk. “Gosh I could have been killed’

I wonder if he hummed and harred about going to church that morning (17). But he went and as he worshipped he changed. The wicked were still prospering as they were coming back that morning after the all-night party but look at them!

I almost slipped because I was envious of them (3) but they will slip and fall into ruin (18). Unless they have a change of heart, they will be destroyed. I have EVERYTHING and they have nothing…nothing that will last. How dumb and stupid I’ve been…behaving like a bear with a sore head.

Lord…..You’ve got hold of me. I’m walking hand in hand with You (23). They have no one to keep them from stumbling. Lord…You rescued me from myself!!! And You have promised to hold my hand all the way to heaven (24).

Lord…deep down…I just don’t want anything else. And above anyone else I want YOU. No one else can truly satisfy. My heart and my strength nearly failed me, and may well do again, but you’ve got me in Your strength and portion forever (26).

The unfaithful will perish but Oh let me tell them that it is good to be near God….to leave the way to destruction and to find refuge in Him (28)

And so the conclusion (1)….the end of Asaph’s story…God is good to His people Israel… those who are pure in heart……He is worth it !!!

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