April 2nd - Consistant.

Read Psalms 7-9

Emotions tend to fluctuate between the Psalms. Some capture the author in a really positive mind-space, with others being far removed from that experience. In that sense, the Psalms serve as a snapshot of a moment within a life. I wonder if you can resonate; perhaps your prayer life can sound more melodramatic some days with other instances reflecting a stern approach. One thing that is consistent within the Psalms is the descriptions of God. We are told in the New Testament that God is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Let us take a theme from Psalm 9:18 'God will never forget the needy' and see how it consistently plays out across the Bible. * In Genesis, after Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit God provided the garments of [animal] skin (Genesis 3:21) to cover their shame despite their wilful disobedience against Him. Alongside promising a redeeming Saviour. * Within Israel - As Dave reminded us during our last Sunday sermon, within God's law provision was made (by God!) to ensure the 'foreigner, the fatherless and the widow' are protected (Deuteronomy 24:16-22). * During the life of Jesus (God incarnate), particularly documented within Luke's Gospel, God spends time healing, chatting, and getting alongside those seen to be weak and vulnerable within society. * During the early Church ensuring the widows were looked after well was described as 'pleasing to God' (1 Timothy 5:4). What about today; has God changed, or His Church? I don't think so! Here is a tidbit I find overwhelming: According to Government statistics (link at the bottom of the page) in the UK Christians adopt 22x more children than the next faith group, which is almost double those who don’t profess a faith.* That is incredible. More-so the I'm sure I'd be right in thinking the Church is the largest source of free-child entertainment with toddler groups and largest facilitator of food-banks within the UK. All in the name of professing the love of our Lord Jesus Christ with those who don't yet know Him. As verse 10 expresses 'those who know your name trust in you'.

As we inevitably change in many ways across our life God remains the same. It is amazing that we can connect with Him at whatever stage in life we are at.

Adoption statistics:

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