4th June - Psalms 146-150

This devotional was penned by Mark Jones

It probably comes as no surprise to say that the Bible has a lot to say about worship. In today’s reading we’re going to be looking at Psalm 146 to Psalm 150, all of which focus in some way on the theme of worship. Each of these Psalms begins and ends with three words, Praise the Lord. This approach is used by the Psalmist to draw our focus to the Lord and the praise of Him.

Each Psalm in our readings today encourages us to focus on the Lord for different reasons, with each Psalm providing us with a reason to worship God, a reason to offer up our devotion to Him.

In today’s devotion, let’s focus on Psalm 150. It’s fitting that this Psalm is the one that was chosen to be the final Psalm we have in the collected works of that book. It’s a beautiful reminder of what our worship of God should be about, and what it should look like when we do it.

When we come before God to worship Him, we should remember His mighty deeds and excellent greatness. The works God has done are so beautiful that we can’t adequately describe them.

Our praise of God should be something that we put effort into, this is why the Psalmist lists multiple instruments. Listing the trumpet, lute, harp, tambourine, dance, strings, pipe and cymbals. These instruments at the time were used to create loud, beautiful music. They are a representation of bold, energetic and passionate praise. Our worship should be the same. When we come before God’s throne to worship Him, we should be eager to praise, eager to shout about how great He is, and eager to thank Him for His wonderful works at the very top of our voice.

Today, let us think about how we approach God in ourworship and praise. Do we come before Him solemn and with our hearts barely being able to light a candle? Or do we come before Him in such a way that our words cannot express just how good He is? Do we passionately give Him praise?

The Psalmist closes Psalm 150 by crying out the words, “let everything that has breath, praise the Lord”. This is a powerful decree, telling us that God deserves worship from everything in the world.

As we go into the rest of our day let us think about what it means to worship God in the way that this Psalm highlights. Let us be encouraged to worship God passionately and boldly.

May God bless the reading of His word today.

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