1st June - Psalms 127-129

This devotional was penned by Daniel.

Read Psalm 127

Do you ever feel lethargic? A dull, monotone, sense of ‘what is the point’. Perhaps you are just exhausted and need a day to rest and recharge. I always get surprised afresh whenever I read the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20) to find that after the initial three commands on how we are to view God the fourth is to have a Sabbath. Sabbath is typically known as a day each week without work to remember all God is doing and has done in your life.

A good way to combat a sense of lethargy, even on a Sabbath, is to remember where and what our efforts are heading towards. We are working towards our own sanctification as to try to increasingly live and love like Jesus. We are heading towards a new Heaven and new Earth after Christ’s plans for the Church is completed; all while we create a community than spans across all kinds of ages and socioeconomic trends and fads.

Psalm 127 offers a small case study on why Christians needn’t suffer lethargy in the same way as those who don’t profess faith.

Firstly, because God is in the work. God Himself is committed to seeing the Church grow and prosper. To use the imagery of of Psalm 127 ‘the Lord is building the house, and the Lord is watching the city’. God said in the Old Testament “For just as rain and snow fall from heaven and do not return without watering the earth, making it bud and sprout, and providing seed to sow and food to eat, so My wors thay proxeeds from My mouth will not return to me empty, but it will accomplisu what I please, and it will proser where I send it’ (Isaiah 55:10-11), and later God in the New Testament stated “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 18:16).

Because of the faithfulness of God we know that our efforts, sweat and perhaps at times tears aren’t wasted nor in vain. If He has ordained the outcome we can be sure He has ordained the means.

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