18th June - 1 Chronicles 23 - 27

This devotional was penned by Mark Jones,

In our readings today, we’re reading though 1 Chronicles, chapters 23 to 27. Looking through the chapters today, I knew straight away what I wanted to speak on for my devotion this week.

“When David was old and full of years, he made his son Solomon king over Israel.” - 1 Chronicles 23:1 (NIV)

The very first verse of 1 Chronicles 23 sets up the scene for what is going on in the rest of the chapters in our readings today. In short, they are the accounts of David’s preparations for the inauguration of Solomon, his son, becoming the king of Israel. It’s a passing of the baton if you will.

Over the span of about 3 years Bethany City Church prayed hard, and put in a lot of preparation into Dave’s transition and Simon coming in as Pastor of this church. It’s important to do this. Many a church in history has seen trouble come upon them because the wrong person was put into the office of Pastor. Having examples of this, we have to ask the question of how do we pass the baton on well.

This isn’t just the case for Pastors though. This principle should apply in ministry leadership, in businesses, in charities, hospitals, and the list goes on. Basically, any job that is on some level a management position will need careful thought and consideration into who will replace them when their time comes to move on from that role. So what can these passages teach us about how we pass the baton on to the person that will come in to eventually replace us in these roles?

What we see in the chapters for our readings today are lists of people that David gathered to bear witness to this passing on of his baton. These people varied in role and responsibilities:

· The Leaders of Israel (1 Chron 23:2)

· The Priests (1 Chron 23:2)

· The Levites (1 Chron 23:2)

· The Musicians (1 Chron 25)

· The Gatekeepers (1 Chron 26:1-19)

· The Treasurers and Other Officials (1 Chron 26:20-32)

· Army Divisions (1 Chron 27:1-15)

· Leaders of the Tribes of Israel (1 Chron 27:16-24)

· The King’s Overseers (1 Chron 27:25-34)

I think the challenge we often come across when we see long chapters of lists is understanding the importance and relevance of those lists. They can often appear boring, but in deeming them as such we miss the significance of these lists in the unfolding narrative of God’s story to us.

What we see in these five chapters is David, in part, getting his affairs in order. You may have heard that phrase used for when someone puts together their will and testament. David is, as I’ve stated, getting things in order to ensure that his kingdom is in a good position before Solomon’s reign begins. David seemingly spends a significant amount of time getting the Priestly and Levitical order ready, so that when Solomon begins his reign there is little to do. In short, getting things in order when we are to pass on the baton, takes time and effort. We need to ensure that the person coming in, ready to take up that role, has all the support and help they can get in order to step into their new role.

So as we conclude today’s reading, could I challenge us to think about where we fit into this equation. As a church, we are in a season where we can’t meet face-to-face. We are having to meet online for HomeGroups and we’re watching church online via Facebook or the Church website. With that there is a lot of work still to do. Are there ways that you could maybe help to serve the purpose and mission of the church during this time and afterwards? Allow me to ask you to prayerfully consider how you might serve during this time and after. Yes, the church does need to be reaching out to check in on people, to see how they’re doing, and to pray for them. However, that doesn’t have to be on the shoulders of the eldership alone.

What role can we play in easing the responsibility of doing this. How can you help serve during this time of lockdown?

May God bless the reading of His word.

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