15th May - Amos 3-6

This devotional was penned by our very own Barry Todd. Thanks Barry.

Read Amos: 3-6

After lambasting their enemies and their rival Judah, Amos speaks out against Israel.

God is not happy.

His beloved Israel had abandoned Him.

He had spoken through the prophets. Israel did not listen.

He brought disaster after disaster upon them. Israel would not return to Him.

He threatened to abandon them and to bring about a dreadful judgement .

Is there any hope for Israel? Only if they listen. Only if they turn back.

Seek Me and live. (4:5); Seek the Lord and live. (4:6)

Seek good and NOT evil that you may live. Hate evil and love good and establish justice. (4:14-15)

What are we called to do as Christians?

We are to love God (with our all) and love one another.

What does abandoning God look like?

Israel totally disregarded His laws.

Where was that passion for God and His ways?

They became their own gods.

They chose to live as they pleased.

Result: Israel became rotten to the core.

How did it come to this?

The story goes of a man who was driving down the hill and he put his foot on the brake and he couldn’t stop. Disaster followed. He smashed into a wall, wrote the car off and suffered life debilitating injuries. He nearly died. How did it come to this?

It started a long time earlier.

The mechanic at the MOT centre advised him that his brakes would need changing soon. He did not listen.

A year later, he received a reminder that he needed to renew his MOT. He did not return to the MOT centre.

Two months later, the warning light flashed up on his dashboard. It threatened danger but he ignored it.

And now disaster had happened. Life would never be the same again.

How awful it is to be under the judgement of God. All darkness. No light. No hope. Unless you listen. Unless you repent.

Is to it time to return to the Lord? Is it time to seek Him? Is it time to choose life rather than death? Light rather than darkness? Blessing rather than disaster?

What is God saying to you today? Listen up!

What does God want to change in you today? Seek Him now!

Seek good, not evil,

that you may live.

Then the Lord God Almighty will be with you,

just as you say he is. (Amos 5:14)

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